• Multi-storey warehouse

    Multi-storey warehouse on platforms produce long experience, use good materials, most applications for industrial warehouse one or more floors.

    Multi-story warehouse

    Multi-story warehouse is the product to use the best raw material steel, installation of multi-storey floor has many cost savings while improving storage capacity and warehouse space.


    Multi-storey warehouse

    Multi-story warehouse

    Multi-story warehouse


    Product details:
    • Increase the storage area 100%
    • Make the most of warehouse area
    • Low investment costs associated
    • Load from 300-2000Kg / m2
    • Install quickly.
    • Ability to select merchandise and easily.
    • Create storage area, saving construction costs new workplace without spending too much time
    • Handling of service, comfort and convenience for managing goods.
    • Warranty 7 year nationwide.

    For more information about our company and product details, please kindly contact:

    Name: Bao Chanh Jsc., 

    Brand: Vinarack

    Slogan: Storage Solutions 

    Address: No. 3, Street 40, Block 8, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, Vietnam.

    Tel/Fax: (84-28) 37 262 606

    Hotline0903 812 187 (Kim Chi), 0912 404 977 (Thúy Hà)

    Technical support: 0909.787.797 

    Email: l@vinarack.vnt@vinarack.vncontact@vinarack.vn


    Website: www.vinarack.vn  – www.kethepdanang.netwww.sankenhakho.com

    Very pleased to serve you!

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